About Us

Woman holding a Checkers cheeseburger

About Us

Checkers® and Rally’s® were built on the belief that fast food could be done better. Turns out, that’s true! With a focus on great flavor-packed food, great value and great fast service, we’re so much more than a burger restaurant.

Our fame goes beyond our signature Famous Seasoned Fries. Checkers® and Rally’s® menu is full of food our fans crave. Like the epic Big Buford® and Baconzilla!® burgers, Fry-Seasoned Chicken Tenders, Classic Wings®, indulgent treats, and desserts like our milkshakes, satisfying combos like Chicken Bites and Fries Box, and so much more.

So, whether you order your Checkers® online for delivery, or cruise the Rally’s® drive-thru, count on crushing any craving. Visit a restaurant near you any time of day, or late at night. Even better, you’ll do it without breaking the bank.

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